Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cycle of Apostasy printable

After talking about the cycle of Apostasy for a while and letting the kids put the steps in order.  The kids made their own version to be able to keep.

cycle of apostasy
It was a simple color, cut, and glue activity, but they enjoyed it, click on the picture to go the link.

Finally we followed it up with a lesson on the dangers of sin.

Look at this marble as it goes down the cone.  At first it is going slow (this works even better with the coin slides at grocery stores), but as it goes down it starts to circle faster and faster.  Eventually it will fall down into that hole and nothing can get it out.

That is the danger of sin.  At first it doesn’t seem so bad.  But, the more more you are exposed to it the more quickly you fall into the trap.

That is unless someone interferes.  In this case it’s our dog, but a friend can, or God, and that can stop the cycle.

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