Monday, April 2, 2012

Resurrection Eggs printable

I know everyone has a Resurrection Eggs printable or their own version, but last year we printed this off onto Shrinky Dink paper and made our own that we then shrunk down and wore as a necklace or a bracelet.  It was a lot of fun.


Donkey- Triumphal Entry

Bread- last supper (also looks like rock, so it could be rock rolled in front of tomb)

Praying Hands- Garden of Gethsemane

Coins- for the 30 coins Judas received

whip-for the whipping Jesus received

soap/washing hands- Pilate washed his hands of the matter

thorns- for the crown of thorns

feather-for the rooster that crowed when Peter said he betrayed him

dice- the soldiers cast lots for Jesus clothes

nails- for the nails used to nail Jesus to the cross

spear-that was put in Jesus side to verify He was dead.

empty egg-for the empty tomb


I took some of the ideas from Smithsroom Resurrection Eggs, and some from other versions.  I wanted to make it slightly different than what my kids had come to expect.  I’m actually think of making a new version with more of the symbols incorporated.


I have a large collection of Easter Activities on my Easter pinterest board.


  1. Oh, I had TOTALLY forgotten about this from last year- and I want to do it THIS year! I am off to the store to get some Shinky Dink Plastic...

  2. HUH! You may motivate me to do shrinky dinks!

  3. Thank you for sharing - from Kids in the Word - saving this cute printable now (I don't have one of my own) I may even use it with the Sunday School kids ;)