Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creation of Man



God spent a long a long time making the world.  It had taken 5 days to make everything up until now, and no the sixth day He spent a long time making all of the land animals.  His shining creation wasn’t done yet, God had the biggest thing to come.





God took some dirt and molded it into the shape of a man.  Then He breathed into the man’s nose the breath of life.  God looked at the man He had created and was very proud of it.




God told the man to name all of the animals.  So the man spent a long time going through and naming them.  He looked at the thing flying through the air and said “Bird!”  Then he looked at the wiggly thing in the water and said, “Octopus!”  But after all of this work naming things the man couldn’t find anyone special for him.  All of the animals had someone special to be with, but the man did not.


God saw man had learned his lesson and put man to sleep.  While man was sleeping God reached into his body and took a rib.  From it God formed woman.  She was exactly the person man needed.  She could help him in all of the ways an animal could not.  She could talk to him and love him and help him.  Animals can not do that.


The man said, “You are Woman!  We will work together and be happy together.  We will have many babies together.”  Then he kissed her (or so my kids swear).

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