Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall of Man


The man and woman had been in the garden for a while now and really loved living there.  One day the snake came up and started asking the woman questions “Did God really say you can’t eat from this tree?  Are you sure it’s not allowed?”


Yes, God said we’re not allowed to eat or even touch this tree, or else we will die!”



“You won’t die!  Look at how yummy this fruit looks,” said the snake.


“It does look good,” so the woman tried it and then she gave it to the man.



As soon as they ate the fruit, they realized they were naked!  So, they made clothes for themselves out of leaves.  “What will we do?” the moaned.



As they were trying to decide what to do, they heard God calling for them, “Children!”


“Oh no,” said the man, “We’re going to get in trouble!”  So they ran and hid.


But, God knows everything, and knew where they had hidden.  “Come out children!”



God was very sad, because they had not obeyed Him.  He told them what was going to happen.


“Work will be hard now, and you will not like it.  Raising children will also be hard.  But there is hope, someday there will be a child, and He will punish the snake.  He will crush the snake and defeat the snake.”


The man named the woman Eve because she was the mother of all people.  The man was named Adam.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on this new endeavor- I see you found a good use for all the peg dolls you ordered... ;0)