Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Israel Complains



Moses and all of the Israelites set out from Egypt.  God led them by day with a giant cloud, at night he led them as a pillar of fire.




After they had set out the people came to Pharaoh and said, “Who will do our work now?  We have no slaves!”  So Pharaoh took 600 of his best chariots and set out after the Israelites.




The Israelites looked back and saw Pharaoh and his men behind them, and they saw the Red Sea in front of them and they panicked.  They turned on Moses demanding, “Why did you bring us out here to die!  We could have done that in Egypt.”



Moses stopped and asked God what to do, and God told him to hold his staff out over the water.




When he did the waters split, and there was a place for all of Israel to walk across on dry land.




Pharaoh and all of his men saw the Israelites cross on dry land so they went to follow, but God told Moses to hold his staff up again and the waters closed over Pharaoh and all of his men.


The Israelites traveled on and it was hot and they were tired and they went to Moses and said “They were thirsty.”  Ahead of them they saw a river and they eagerly ran to drink from it, but the water was bad.  Moses prayed to God asking what to do.  God said, “Take your staff and throw it in the water.”  Moses did as God said and they were able to drink the water, it now tasted sweet.



The Israelites traveled some more and it had now been about 3 months.  They were starting to run out of food and they were hungry.  One of the men came to Moses and Aaron and said, “Why did you lead us out here to die?  There was enough food in Egypt, but now we’re going to starve to death.”  Moses went and asked God what to do.  God explained that He would send mana for the people to eat


The Israelites gathered mana just like God said, for five days they gathered enough for the day and on the sixth day they gathered enough for two days.



On the seventh day they rested just like God told them to do, some forgot there would be no mana that day so they went hungry.



They traveled some more and were out of water again.  They complained to Moses again and said, “Why did you lead us out here to die!”



Moses went to God and said, “What should I do?”  God told him to hit the rock with his staff and water would burst forth.


Moses did as God said and just as God said water burst forth.  The Israelites drank the water and were happy.

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