Monday, January 30, 2012

God gives the Ten Commandments and the Israelites make a BIG mistake


Moses called all of the Israelites together and made an announcement, “We are going to meet with God!  To get ready you all need to wash your clothes and take a bath, so you are clean and ready to meet with God.”



So the Israelites all took some time to wash their clothes and take baths.  God came to them as a terrible storm.



Moses went up the mountain and spent 40 days talking with God.  God told Moses all about how He wanted His people to live.  He gave laws about what to do with strangers and friends.


Finally after they’d been talking for 40 days, God carved out two stone tablets and wrote the Ten Commandments on them.  Then God warned Moses what the Israelites were doing, and said, “You must stop them before I do.”



While God and Moses were talking the Israelites came to Aaron and demanded, “You will make us a new god, because Moses has been gone a long time and obviously he’s dead!”


So Aaron said to them, “Bring me your jewelry and I will make you a God.”



Aaron took all of that jewelry and made them a golden calf, “Here Israel is your god who brought you out of Egypt."


And all of Israel bowed down before the statue and worshipped this pretend god.



Moses came down and he saw what they were doing and he threw down the tablets God had made and destroyed the statue.  He turned to them with sad eyes and said, “God will no longer lead us, He is too angry to stay with us right now.  Instead an angel will lead us to the Promised Land.”


The people realized what they had done and were very sad.

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