Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creating the tabernacle

Moses came down the mountain and told all of the Israelites God had given instructions on how to build HIS church.  It was to be a special tent and they were to do their best work on it.


building the tabernacle for kids

God went through and named each person who was to build the pieces for the tabernacle.  He didn’t pick the most popular or the most handsome, but the person He had created to do that job.  Some were metal workers, some could weave gorgeous fabrics, and some were good at sewing.


Here is what God said they needed to build the tabernacle:

Ark of the Covenant

The ark of the covenant, inside they were to put things to help them remember all God had done and was going to do for them.  God told them to put in some mana to remember He fed them in the desert, and to put in the Law, to remember that God had set them apart and given them special rules, and they were to put in Aaron’s staff that had flowered, to remember God had chosen Aaron and his family to lead them.


Holy of Holies

In front of the Ark they were to put a curtain to keep the Ark and all that was by it separate and holy, because God is holy.  When Jesus died that curtain ripped in half because we no longer need something to protect us from God’s holiness.  Jesus’ death on the cross took care of that.



Next came the table for the grain offering, and it was to be kept there for the priests.  One day in the future King David would eat this bread, even though he was not a priest


Next to the table is a bowl of water for cleaning yourself to be pure and set apart before you enter God’s presence.


altar for burnt sacrifices

Finally there is the altar for the offering of burnt sacrifices.  Because we sin, we cannot be in God’s presence, and we needed to offer a sacrifice for our sins.  God told the Israelites to offer their best lamb for a sacrifice for their sins.  Later Jesus would come and be the final sacrifice for our sins.



We talked about the temple and why God created all of the different parts and how we don’t have to be a great speaker to serve God or a great teacher, but can just be good at drawing or building.  Afterwards the kids played with the figures and acted out the different parts.


The printables for the tabernacle can be found at Gospel Hall.


  1. Looks great! What a wonderful way for children to learn about their Bible stories. Coming to visit from Red Oak Lane.
    Many blessings,

  2. Wow, what a creative way to tell this story! Love it! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I lovve loooove this! wonder if I could use it in children's church - hummmmm - did you just create the pieces or buy a set? it looks like a set- good job mama!

  4. Ticia, thanks for linking!
    Such a creative way to use your peg doll talents :)