Monday, February 20, 2012

Battle of Jericho


After praying to God for what to do before heading into the Promised Land Joshua called for two volunteers to go in and spy out the land for him.  Two men stepped forward and headed in to Jericho to find out what they were about to go into.



The spies headed into Jericho and met Rahab.  She talked with them for a while and was impressed by all she heard about their God.



The king called Rahab to come and meet him.  “There are spies coming.  Have you see them?”  he asked.


“They have left.  They headed back before the gates closed today,” she lied.



She went back to her house and hid the men up on her roof.  They slept there all night.


She let the spies down out of her window and said, “Promise you will keep my family safe.”  They promised and asked her to hang a red rope out of her window so they would know where she was.



The Israelites prepared to cross the Jordan River, but before they did Joshua told them, “This is to be God’s sign for you.  Your parents crossed the Red Sea on dry land, now you will cross the Jordan River on dry land.”




The priests with the Ark of the Covenant stepped into the river bank and the waters parted.  The people walked across on dry land.  After everyone had crossed they took some time to thank God for all He had done.




God came to Joshua and told him how to defeat Jericho.  They were to walk around the city for 6 days silently.  On the seventh day they were to walk around it 7 times and at the end of the seventh time they were to scream as loud as they could.




All during this time Rahab kept that red cord hanging out of her window.  She watched them walk around and around and trusted God.




As the last echo from their yells faded away they heard a rumble and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.



As the dust settled Joshua thanked Rahab for her help.

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