Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Remembering what God has done


There are several times in the old Testament where God commands us to remember what He has done.  Of ten after those times the Israelites set up an Ebenezer, a place to remember what God had done.  After they crossed the Jordan River Joshua told them to gather 12 rocks from the bottom of the River to remember how they walked across on dry land.



After acting out the story we made our own rocks of rememberance so we can remember what God has done for us.  I wrote down my boys, because I had a miscarriage before having them and there were some problems with the pregnancy.  Their birthday is coming up, so I’m feeling sentimental about them.  I also wrote down I’m thankful that God brought Jeff into my life.  We first met at a dance our church had and we both had about 3 other things we were supposed to go to that night, but both felt we were supposed to be there.


Batman colored a rock yellow to remember God keeping our family safe.  Princess didn’t quite understand and she colored a lady bug.


Other stories to use this for: Call of Abraham, Crossing the Red Sea, after the Flood


  1. I love this idea - remembering blessings goes a long ways when life gets rough.

  2. I REALLY like this idea...even Princess' ladybug WILL mean something to her someday, even if it is just a remembrance of her homeschooling days with her Mama...