Monday, March 26, 2012

Holy Week devotionals

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As we were preparing for Sunday school for Palm Sunday, my husband and I decided we wanted something for the kids to take home and teach to their families for the whole week.  We also wanted to make sure there was a gospel component to what they took home, so here’s our best shot at it.

The days are vaguely split according to the Wordless book colors.  I first learned how to share the gospel in high school using the Wordless book, so I always default to that as my explanation.

Palm Sunday

Jesus taught by telling stories.  Stories are powerful.  This week we are going to be teaching a bigger lesson using stories of Jesus’ life, but first let’s take some time to read a story Jesus taught about a boy who ran away.

Jesus calms the storm.  Jesus is powerful.  He created the world, and when He was on earth He had power over storms (instructions on making it can be found at Raising Little Disciples).  He can keep you safe in the scariest times.  (Gold)

Jesus feeds the 5000.  Jesus is personal, He cares about our needs and wants.  He took care of the people who were hungry because He loved them. (Gold)

Jesus and the Woman at the Well.  Everyone sins, and we think we can hide that sin from Jesus, but Jesus knows that we have sinned.  (Black)

Jesus meets Zacchaeus.  Zacchaeus stole money from people, one day he met Jesus and learned what he was doing was wrong.  He changed and followed Jesus. (Black, transition to Red)

Good Samaritan.  The Good Samaritan paid the price of other people’s sins.  He helped the man to the inn, and he paid for the injuries caused by someone else.  (Red and White)


Crucifixion and Resurrection.  Jesus came and paid the price of our sins.  We can now all go to Heaven because of what God has done, but we must choose do we want that new life, or do we want to stay in this old life? (Thanks to Marci over at Overcoming Busy for giving me the suggestion)  (White)

Pentecost and the Coming of the Holy Spirit.  After the disciples believed Jesus had risen they waited just like they were told.  Then the Holy Spirit came and they went and did just like Jesus had told them.  They taught others about Jesus and grew in Him (Flames popsicle stick vaguely inspired by All Play on Sunday). (Green)

The few printables used along with a quick recap of all of this along with what hands on ideas were used can be found here.
Easter devotional
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  1. Fun! I teach the 7-8 class in Primary, I've been looking for ideas for our Easter lesson!!

  2. I like how you used the objects to teach lessons from the Bible. Neat!

  3. Thanks for joining our link-up! We do ask that you link back to me and Sheila in return for our links to you, though. I have seen glitter bottles on Pinterest and been intrigued, but this is the first time I've seen them connected with the story of Jesus calming the storm. What a great idea! Thank you and Raising Little Disciples for sharing it.

  4. Good thoughts, Ticia! Thanks for sharing them with us and for participating in Celebrating Lent!

  5. Fun. Nice hand-on activities and visuals. Thanks for linking up at

  6. I love your use of visuals in teaching - really helps kids remember, I think!