Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Tribes of Israel take the land

God told the tribes of Israel to go in and take the land.

“Who should go first?” they asked.

“Judah,” God answered.


So Judah asked Simeon to come with them and they took the land God called them to take.

Now Caleb was from the tribe of Judah, and he took all the land God had given him.  He called the young men together and said, “Anyone who takes this city will get to marry my precious daughter Achsah.”

Othneil, Caleb’s nephew, took the city and married Achsah.  She went to Caleb and asked him for some springs to water their land.  Caleb looked at his daughter with love and said, “I don’t just give you the spring, but the upper and lower springs as well.”

After this the other tribes went in one by one and attacked the people there.

Benjamin went in and took the land, but did not drive out all of the people.

Manasseh went in and was not able to drive out the people already there.

Ephraim went in and did not drive out all the people in the land before them.


Zebulun went in and failed to drive out of Zeber and lived among them.
Asher and Naphtali both went in and neither was able to drive out the people already there.


Dan went in and attacked the people, but they drove the tribe of Dan back out and they had to hide in the hill country.

Tomorrow, I will share why this is important and what we did with this.

12 tribes pictures

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  1. I think the visuals make the story so much more memorable!