Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things I gather from around the house to tell stories


One of my friends emailed me and asked how I put it all together.


Things I use on a regular basis:

Toys we already own.  Even if you don’t feel inclined to make your own peg dolls, you can act out stories using your own toys.  I find smaller figures like Imaginenext and Play Mobil to be easier to work with.

Fabric, specifically for the land.  I sew a lot, so I just go to my fabric stash and grab the color I need.  If you don’t sew I would suggest going to either JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby, both of those stores have good prices on fabric and you can frequently get 40% off coupons.  I’d suggest getting a yard of brown, green, and blue.  I’d also get a fat quarter of the same colors for other features.  I’m thinking of getting silky solids the next time I go for the nice texture and how small it packs.


Various doll houses- We have several different castle doll houses and other similar things.  Also both Lowes and Home Depot offer building clinics where you can make houses from time to time, and these are free.  The picture above is of the Lowes Castle from January.


Next time I write one of these, I’ll hopefully have examples of how I paint my dolls.  I just haven’t gone on a marathon painting spree recently.

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  1. The silky fabric is a really good idea!!

    Looking forward to more!